The Declaration of “A Poor Methodist Woman”

I do not know

when I have had happier times

in my soul

than when I have been sitting at work,

with nothing before me

but a candle and a white cloth,

and hearing no sound

but that of my own breath;

with God in my soul

and heaven in my eye.

I rejoice in being exactly what I am

– a creature capable of loving God,

and who, as long as God lives,

must be happy.

I get up

and look a while out the window.

I gaze at the moon and stars,

the work of an Almighty Hand.

I think of the grandeur of the universe

and then sit down

and think myself

one of the happiest beings in it.

-A Poor Methodist Woman

Image provided  by Google images “peaceful meadow”

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2 thoughts on “The Declaration of “A Poor Methodist Woman”

  1. always love reading your post. inspires me to love God and live life the way it should be

  2. Hehe I’m so glad!! It reminded me of how I ought to live and rejoice 😀

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