This I desire, this I pray

I desire to honor the Lord each day

this my heart longs for, every morning I pray,

“Father, I’m helpless, please give me grace to see –

the world as it is, is not perfect and free –

but is rather in bondage,

is groaning,

is waiting.”

I desire to love the Lord each day

this my soul longs for, yet too often I say,

“Lord, I’m too tired, tired to love, to be still and obey.”

I am prone to wander, so I wander away.

Refusing to see,

to live free,

to be.

I desire to glorify the Lord each day

this my being screams for… until I get distracted from the way

By frivolous things of this world, which will burn for the world new

that can’t last forever, and is more like the morning dew.

But oh, all that glamour

all that clamor

all enamored


‘Tis no way to live, knowing Christ died for me,

took my place and faced God’s wrath against sin, separation eternally-

drank the cup of wrath during that time left alone, abandoned, in agony.

The terrifying punishment that I so deserved-

He, out of love, in humility served

and never swerved.

And yet, even more for the joy set before Him,

Jesus suffered and died – nailed on a cross, and so crucified.

Yet as God’s Word shows, His plan for glory does not end there –

He rose from the dead, and to the Father went up in the air!

Who will one day most assuredly, beyond a doubt return

and the cursed world will then for a new one burn.

And for now, His people yearn.

To see the glory and majesty of God made clearly known,

to the nations the world over undeniably and unbelievably shown

God the Son, who willingly took on humanity, is King

Every knee will bow, every citizen will sing

oh forever, they will sing

praises will ring

so… amazing.

And living in knowledge of that truth is no silly game.

It’s no time to live for money that takes flight like a bird – or for fleeting fame.

There’s no time to waste, no purpose worthy but one.

To let all people know of Christ Jesus the Son

Who conquered sin and death

so all people who take breath

can know, trust, and rest.

And thus He commands, woos, comforts, and calls

Telling us nothing else matters, He is more than worthy to be our all in all.

No living for treasures that rust, praise of man, or happiness that won’t last-

Joy comes from a living relationship with God and our debt paid- in the past

We were made for one thing

called for one thing

commanded for one thing

(to love and adore the One who is holy and true)

And of course, you know, that does not simply come to an end there-

for His love flows freely and ours should too, with much joy and much care.

From the workplace to the schools to the home where you may be,

know that is where He has placed you, for a beacon of light unto the lost to see.

And if everyone you know have trusted in Jesus’s atonement alone

be a bearer of encouragement, sharing the promises and praise in your heart sewn.

And as Christ sought out those to come into His fold,

let’s continue laboring to share the good news to behold.

Without compromise,

with trusting cries,

with transformed eyes.

To God be the glory, honor, praise, adoration, and love He deserves and commands, for all eternity!

And praise God, praise God, for He has chosen to love and save me!

I can’t even fathom.

Oh wow.

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