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I passed the shoreline today-

and the ocean wrenched my heart.

Somber teal and soft cornflower blues ebbing side by side.

I can’t remember if the kites were dipping and soaring-

or if there were any kites at all.

But the pavement just kept passing under my feet-

nudging my path away from that sight.

My eyes were transfixed, in awe of beauty commanding such power-

evoking feelings I did not could not have expected from… water.

My reluctant eyes turn away to see fog creeping in like a cat padding in cool grass-

and a last ray from the fading sun bursts through a small crevice of mist in glory.

O Lord, if the world you created is this magnificent and wonderful-

my heart longs so much more for the day I may behold You!

For eternity, a length of time impossible to fathom-

possible only through the work of Christ on the cross.

A sacrifice costing all, yet freely given-

to all who believe, trust, and obey.

And even that, by grace.


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