Fifteen Minute Shorts – A Quirky Story in a Quarter Hour


Once upon a time, a poor man lived with a mangy dog in a broken-down hut by the sea. He fished for a living for many, many years, and during that time his net groaned from the fish that filled his rickety fishing boat. But one day, a famine came on the land as well as the sea.  To try to seek a better living, the poor man tried to save up what he had to buy some provisions and journey elsewhere, but he couldn’t find a way. For over a year, he tried and was about to give up hope.

All of a sudden, a man washed ashore, kelp and knobs of barnacles adorning his figure.  The fisherman fought his aching limbs, creaking over to bring the man inside by the humble fire and to clean him up. When the sailor awoke, he was so grateful to the fisherman for saving his life. In return, all he had to offer on his person was a can of beans and a promise to help him find a better life however he could.

So the very next day, the fisherman left with all of his food, a walking stick, and his dog. They journeyed off into the woods, clambering slowly over branches and rocks. As the days grew in number and the sun drew away faster, the old fisherman grew weary, and began wandering off the path. The sorry duo meandered on and on, getting closer to the creeping shadows of looming mountains. The food supply kept shrinking away as if by magic, and the old man began to despair of even making it back home or finding a guide. He was so kind of a man, however, that despite his hunger, he fed the dog the beans he had been gifted by the stranger. The dog finished the entire can, and the food then dwindled to nothing.

The old man crept into a cave to die without hope. The dog, however, was full of energy. Full of love for his gracious owner, the dog pattered slowly back towards the only home he ever knew. He finally plopped down in exhaustion at the door of the old fisherman’s deserted home. Only, it wasn’t deserted! The rescued sailor had taken up residence there to keep it safe for the old man, and jumped up to search for the fisherman once he saw the dog but saw him amiss. He was at a loss for a plan and walked to and fro, as he had no conceivable idea of finding the fisherman.

However, the dog’s stomach was not able to digest the beans, and so along his way home he left his “business” behind, ** unintentionally leaving a trail of beans that led to the cave. By doing so, the sailor found the fisherman, discovered they were actually father and son, and lived happily ever after with the dog all his days.

The end.


** this story was written for my class, where the prompt was to write a short story in which one of the following was used as “information technology”: rubbery ducky, lemon, a can of beans, necktie, or a blanket. this should explain the curious twist I would normally not conceive, haha!

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