In the new year…

“We all need a religion that can live either in a wilderness or in a crowd, a religion that will show itself in every walk of life and company. Give me the godliness that is seen at home, especially around the fireside, for it is never more beautiful than there; the godliness that is seen in the tussle of ordinary business among scoffers and opposers as well as among Christians. Show me faith that can defy the sharp eyes of the world and walk fearlessly where all scowl with fierce eyes of hate, as well as where there are sympathetic observers and lenient friends. May you be filled with the life of the Spirit; may your whole conduct and conversation be the natural, blessed outgrowth of the Spirit’s dwelling!”

C.H. Spurgeon, The Soul Winner [186]

*tried to post this at 11:59 on January 1, Internet lagged a little and so it was posted a day late hehe

*image used from here

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