Out of the cast came something to eat, and out of the unexpected came something sweet!





At the Korean market, my mom spots a “붕어빵” (bhoong-uh-bbahng) sign and immediately asks us if we want some. [What is 붕어빵? It’s kind of like a pancake texture/taste batter that encases red bean filling, all of which is shaped into a fish (refer to photo above).]  There are three of us. I suggest getting one to share, so as to not ruin our appetites for Christmas Eve dinner! She seems to agree. We walk up to order, and here’s how the conversation went down:

Ahjumma: *bustling around in the back*

Mom: Excuse me, do you sell 붕어빵?

Ahjumma: It will take around ten minutes, how many would you like?

Mom:… Three, please.

And mom, I have to say… good call. Yum!

Which… is weird, because I always avoided eating this, particularly during childhood. So… people change, eh? Hehe. I’m fine with that.

Merry Christmas Eve! Let’s rejoice, remembering that every good gift pales in comparison to and can be counted as loss in light of the most wonderful gift of all! Thank you, Jesus! 🙂


*photo used from here*

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