Life’s Little Laughs: Dancing in the rain!


Today, my mom remarked that it’d be nice if it rained in the evening, because she likes the sound of the water droplets pitter-pattering on the roof and windows. It’s therapeutic, isn’t it? I think so, and I also like it very much, when I’m inside all bundled up and reading a good book.

Well, I’ll be! God sent the rain about five minutes ago, and it was a lovely drizzle. So I call out to my mom to let her know her desire was fulfilled, and then she tells me the rug outside (which had to dry from the overflowing washing machine a day or two earlier) is still outside, aka getting wet again.

So my dad hustles to haul the rug out of the rain, and I stand there for moral support.

But today, I got to spin around and dance in the rain!

Have you ever done that??

It is so fun! And freeing! And just unleashes a happiness knowing God sends soothing relief for those who have not been too happy with all the heat from the past week, haha. I spun around and a laugh popped out of nowhere, leaving my dad to glance at me and chuckle, thinking how very… special his daughter is. Hehe. Sometimes, I wonder what my parents think of me. I know they love me very much (praise God for this!!), but I do wish I could peek into their brains and see their thoughts for just one second.

Anywhoo, you should try it sometime! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Life’s Little Laughs: Dancing in the rain!

  1. tammy on said:

    what a blessing
    i’ve ran through the taiwan humid pouring rain… barefoot (yeah kinda gross but it was fun) is that the same?

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