My Wishlist

Before I die or Christ returns, I have a few things I would like to do. I’ve never compiled a list specifically for this, so I’m going to see what comes together, hehe. Some I think I will have done that I’d like to do again, while others are yet-to-be-checked off! Inspired by Marissa Lee! hehe 🙂

1. Ride a horse… pretty much anywhere, haha. (Accomplished 10/27/12- learned to trot!)

2. See the Eiffel tower & eat french bread.

3. Go to Italy & eat yummy pasta/pizza!

4. Start an online business.

5. Sponsor a World Vision child!

6. Make red velvet cupcakes. 

7. Knit a patchwork blanket.

8. Finish studying Systematic Theology

9. Learn how to make clothing.

10. Memorize Romans 8.

11. Learn how to play an instrument. (guitar, summer 2012)

12. Look at the city lights from my elementary school with good company.

13. Watch the Krispy Kreme doughnuts be made. Then eat them!

14. Drift on a lazy river (ex. soak city).

15. Make this!! “Beauty and the Beast” + food = a dynamic duo!

That’s all for now!

Edit: Things I forgot/didn’t realize I wanted to do and have done 🙂

16. Watch Fantasia 2000 (last one) (12/27/2012)

17. Lie down on the street and look at the stars on a snowy night, and pray. (12/20/12)

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One thought on “My Wishlist

  1. some solid things on there 🙂

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