Humility leads to worship.


I read Job 38 today. If you haven’t read it before or (quite naturally) don’t have its content recalled to your mind immediately, you can refresh your memory here. In essence, God begins His response to Job, addresses several statements Job made previously in the book, and interrogates him.

Before today, what I learned from Job 38 was a reminder that God is powerful and that Job was humbled. My eyes sometimes glazed over the words (especially late at night). As beautiful and powerful as they were, I thought I understood enough of the chapter to not need to dwell in the words.

Reading chapter 38 today proved to be refreshingly and humblingly (<– a word of my own invention) different. I have never lived through such trials as those faced by Job, and I have no idea if I shall one day taste anything of such proportions; only God holds that knowledge and has planned what He planned for me in His perfect wisdom, for His glory and therefore for my good.


I am human. I am also adopted by my Maker. By God’s grace, I fight sin, but still fall into feelings of self-entitlement (aka selfishness). How foolish I am! My pride tempts me to have the audacity to ask God to justify Himself at all – all the while knowing He is perfect and myself a fallen being desperately in need of undeserved grace and mercy.

And so, reading Job 38 proved to be a humbling experience for me. God questions Job throughout the chapter, I usually read it only in this way. Today, I read it as though He were asking me these questions. My view of my heavenly Father grew bigger and more glorious, and every answer I gave to His questions brought me closer and closer to my knees. Continually realizing that I am not to be the center of my universe, and without a doubt am not the center of the universe brings both humility and joy. My purpose in this world is so much more than about myself, what I can contribute to humanity (which is not much, anyway), how I will be remembered, or satisfying my desires. God created humans to worship Him, as He deserves all worship. To live my life as a living sacrifice unto Him is a glorious calling, and Job 38 helped me to meditate on it more, in an unexpected way. Thank You, Lord!

If you have time on your hands, I would recommend reading the chapter and quietly, slowly answer the questions God poses to Job, to yourself. Do you trust in your sovereign God? His power?

He places boundaries for the sea; they obey.

He understands the expanse of the earth; do you?

He has entered the storehouses of snow; have you?

He can send forth the lightning; possess you that authority?

Our God can do all things. He is in control of all things; from the smallest to the largest. Does your understanding of Him impact how you live your life? If you believe in your heart that Christ’s death and resurrection has saved you from the consequences of your sins and rebellion against God, does that play out in your life? Can people see the trust you place in the one and only God? Is your life changed through repentance and your calling as His adopted child? Or are you virtually indistinguishable from the person next door who lives a “decent, moral life, has fun” but has not been forgiven of their crimes against a holy God? These questions challenge me and drive me to prayer; I hope they may be of some thought or help to you!

Have a wonderful and restful Lord’s day.
Well actually, every day is our Lord’s day.
So, hurray! 🙂
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One thought on “Humility leads to worship.

  1. tammy on said:

    mm encouraging… thanks for these reminders and questions…

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