The Bible is Like a Majestic Palace: Read for Yourself!


*Attention Please: Please put your imagination caps on and envision the glorious scene we are about to enter. It will be a fascinating walk!*

-Excerpt from John MacArthur, Jr.’s “How to Read Your Bible”-

Truly the Bible is magnificent. Early twentieth-century evangelist Billy Sunday pictured the Bible like a majestic palace. He wrote, “I entered through the portico of Genesis and walked down through the Old Testament’s art gallery, where I saw portraits of Joseph, Jacob, Daniel, Moses, Isaiah, Solomon and David hanging on the wall; I entered the music room of the Psalms and the Spirit of God struck the keyboard of my nature until it seemed to me that every reed and pipe in God’s great organ of nature responded to the harp of David, and the charm of King Solomon in his moods.

“I walked into the business house of Proverbs.

“I walked into the observatory of the prophets and there saw photographs of various sizes, some pointing to far-off stars or events – all concentrated upon one great Star which was to rise as an atonement for sin.

“Then I went into the audience room of the King of Kings, and got a vision from four points – from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I went into the correspondence room, and saw Peter, James, Paul and Jude, penning their epistles to the world. I went into the Acts of the Apostles and saw the Holy Spirit forming the Holy Church, and then I walked into the throne room and saw a door at the foot of a tower and, going up, I saw One standing there, fair as the morning, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I found this truest friend that man ever knew; when all were false I found Him true” (Billy Sunday Speaks [New York: Chelsea House, 19770], p.23).

– End excerpt-

The Word of God is so wonderful, so vast in its wisdom and perfect in its descriptions of creation, people, sin, reality, and the glory of God! How it pierces the heart, restores the soul, provides light to our path, allows us to learn how to follow God’s commandments and gain wisdom and discernment. How it challenges us to love others, and how humbling it is to realize how much we fall short – interestingly more so as we mature in our faith by God’s sanctifying work in us! How beautiful Christ becomes as we dwell in the shadow of the cross and the tomb with the stone rolled away, giving thanks for what they signify. How we shall never need to tremble with fear at the holy wrath of God against our iniquities if we place our trust in Jesus, who was our willing and only substitute for our sins. The perfect and humble King, the marvelous Lamb of God!

How I desire to always see the truth of this in my daily walk with the Lord, but ’tis not so. However, seeing the truth so aptly described by Billy Sunday has helped remind me of what it means to study the Word, to meditate in it, to love it for it is God’s gift to us! To learn more of His character, His infinite power, His amazing grace, and His lovingkindness and faithfulness, to learn how we can please Him as our heavenly Father, to share this marvelous truth of the Gospel to those who do not believe – how blessed we are, and what a precious blessing we have!

I pray that I will not forget what a privilege this is, to be able to study and learn the Word of God. To be taught by it, from reading, commentaries, study texts, from the pulpit, from fellow brothers and sisters, from the Holy Spirit – all I can say in response to this is, “Thank You, Lord!!!” And delight in the God of the universe, of course!

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