G-r-a-C-e in Life


Life is precious. It is also short.

Don’t waste time with quarrels, or storming up a retort.

Don’t complain of what you do not have, give thanks for what you do.

They are all undeserved gifts from our heavenly Father to you.

For what purpose is there, worrying about the coming day?

When our days are already numbered, and death not held at bay.

Be quick, reader, to love, forgiving wrongs real or perceived.

In the same manner as Him who we as Lord and Savior receive.

Temptations and trials all come and they go –

some easy as pie, some strike a death blow.

We yearn for them gone, and gone they may be –

some quick as a fiddle, others linger endlessly

Many times, as you know, it is hard to get up from a fall –

so difficult, in fact, we may want never to get up at all.

Every time, we need to trust Him who understands what we endure –

for He experienced it all, yet unlike us remained of sin pure.

When we fail to love others (this happens too much to deny),

it’s easy for us, or at least me, to want to cry.

But this cry, o this cry eventually becomes one to my Lord,

for it is only through Him that my strength and joy is restored.

At some points in life, people feel alone.

Like they have no one to depend on, needing to scrape by on their own.

But nothing could be further from the truth, remember.

God is your perfect Shepherd and mine, abandoning us never.

His presence may not always be felt,

but ’tis only a chance for prayers in faith to grow, knees knelt.

When anxious thoughts overtake us, when all hope seems lost,

look not in the mirror, but fix your gaze on the cross.

For it is there only that you find the perfect answer

of hope never lost, love never failing.

G-r-a-C-e waving on a banner.

05 april, 2012. “a historic day”

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One thought on “G-r-a-C-e in Life

  1. Amen! 😀

    Have a good weekend… Enjoy the holiday!

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