{…Floored by Obedience…}

Today, I went to my Monday small group.

I scurried up to the inviting house (it was quite windy and chilly tonight!) and rang the doorbell. Hearing footsteps thud softly towards the door, I looked at their owner who opened the door: a young boy who gave me a shy-I-don’t-really-know-you-but, “Hello.” Nothing too extraordinary about that, I hope.

Then, I said my hellos to the small group members present and walked to the dinner counter. The same child who greeted me quickly plucked a paper plate from the stack and held it out expectantly at me. I initially thought, he wants me to give him a brownie (I’d made some from an amazing Ghirardelli mix for dessert) and put it on his plate. Only to… l-o-n-g seconds later realize he was handing me a plate for my dinner! I received it and said “Thank you” to the cheerful boy running back to play with his friends.

I was floored.

It was such a simple gesture of kindness, but it really made an impression on me today. All the children present quickly, joyfully, and respectfully obeyed their parents. No one told him to get me a plate, no one forced him to do it. No one saw him do it, so there was no action taken in with the mentality of getting a reward for his behavior. How he was raised and taught to serve others, for God’s glory was such an encouragement to me. It may seem simple and perhaps silly to you, the reader, for me seeing such wonder in this, but it’s striking how parents’ obedience to God translates into how they raise their children to fear Him, which bears fruit in various ways.

Including a dinner plate.

And a smile.


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