Home is where the heart is

{…meandering through my past…}

When I was a little girl, I waited expectantly for my parents to on an annual five-day business trip. Don’t get me wrong, I would get teary-eyed when they left, and… then be distracted by an activity moments later – childlike behavior, no? Or just… a bad attention span? I absolutely love my parents. It was just that my sister and I knew, just knew that when they came home, we could look forward to what every child begs for, cries for,in joy for: presents!

Year after year, my parents never failed. One year, a personalized mint tin (with mints!) landed in our expectant hands. Other times they were sequined bags, satchels, little saltwater taffies, etc. Yum!

My sister and I guessed what our gifts would be, and I know I jumped for joy when my parents finally came home.

Time passed, we grew older and my sister and I slowly stopped getting “souvenirs” from a place we had never been to. And it mattered less and less.

{…back to the present…}

My dad came back from the business trip today yesterday. A thought struck me as I stood waiting at the door listening for his footsteps. When I was younger, I never worried about my parents coming home safely. Never. To me, it was a given that they would be absolutely fine, and that nothing could take them away. Why? Because they were my parents, of course. They would always be there. Thus, I desired the presents.

Now, I realize a loved one coming home safely is not something I can take for granted; many things can happen at any time; we are so mortal. It’s something I remember every time I get in my car, my family leaves, friends go, and bad weather come. And that is why when I heard those familiar footsteps thudding in the front yard, my heart rejoiced in thankfulness at God’s precious gift of grace: my dad’s safe return tonight.

{…the connection between the past and the present…}

While I was waiting, a little connection went ‘bing’ in my mind. When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I found much joy – joy I wasn’t sure exactly existed, even more that I would experience it myself. I enjoyed and still enjoy innumerable undeserved blessings I had previously refused to acknowledge as evidences of God’s grace: my family, my health, beautiful weather, the ability to learn, to walk, friends, my passion for reading and the availability of many wonderful books ~ and these does not even begin to do justice to God’s grace in saying it’s “just the tip of the iceberg!”

These blessings made me happy, especially as a “young” Christian. It was so easy to focus on what I had, what I prayed for… what was in it for me. Oh, I was thankful, but I was not mature enough to rivet my eyes not on the gifts, but on the Giver. It’s still a challenge, keeping my focus on the cross and living thus. He teaches (and faithfully reminds!) me to rejoice in all circumstances and to find joy and actively search for His grace in my life.

More than this, He directs my view to the bigger picture of eternity. These gifts of grace I experience on earth are truly wonderful. However, it all pales in comparison to the knowledge that my Savior will return one day, and that my eternal fate rests securely because of what Christ did on the cross for me, what He did for the world! I don’t need to worry about dying; I know I will one day. I don’t need to worry about what will happen after I die; I know I will go to heaven because the Bible says that salvation comes to whoever believes Christ died and paid the punishment for their sins; that He rose again from the dead because not only was He fully man, but fully God; that that He is the only way to heaven. I place my faith in this. I don’t have to speculate whether God’s grace and His greatest act of love are enough; I know they are because the Bible tells me so. 

{…traveling thus to the conclusion…}

Unlike my joy that came from my dad coming home safely when I could not possibly know for certain whether he would, the joy God gives me possesses no uncertainty. It is the solid foundation upon which I stand, which I can trust regardless of whatever circumstances may come my way. It’s humbling to realize how easily I fall, how obvious it is that I cannot depend on myself. This stirs me to joy, knowing God sustains me and works all things for my good (Romans 8:28)! I don’t need to worry about whether Christ will return or not; I know He will because the Bible tells me so. The Bible, the precious Word of God so wonderfully given to us. Someone remarked the Bible is a love letter; the ultimate love letter from God to us. It truly is a beautiful tale that no man could conceive. How amazing it is! How beautiful! How marvelous!

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