Ponderings in the Park

I sit silently on a man-made bench

in a world fantastically fashioned by God.

Here I sit, and here I could sit forever.

I could drink in the babbling brook,

but I choose to drink in the beauty surrounding.

Strong, solid trees anchor their iron-like roots-

providing safety for tender ferns beneath.

Earthy branches everywhere litter the ground,

that even a miscalculating squirrel can fall without a sound.

Slim rays of sunlight do hit all in sight

exposing dark crevices and treasures with their light.

A pair of young squirrels race into view-

one does the scampering, the other pursues.

In playing and feeding, they glorify God

by fulfilling their purpose on the well-trodden sod.

Another grips a branch intently, barking loudly and proud,

flicking its tail upward with each little sound.

It stares at its watcher, grunting he thinks in the dark,

Then ambles off to go on his own little lark.

The boughs are so varied, in strength and in might

yet all work together for a magnificent sight.

A few stand slender, yet bowed down, adorned

with branches and leaves, one knows not who for.

Others are but saplings, reaching up for the life

Given by light’s sweet blessing, even the sliver of a knife.

Even yet, others boast of their height and brilliant foliage

made up of rich greens and others burnt orange.

All these trees are all different, but they all know

without the sun’s light, it will wither and go.

For this Light provides life, and life is so dear

when one does quite know what fate they should fear.

The sunlight is gentle, but it also does strike-

warm a yearling’s young back or burn wood and ice alike.

One is at its mercy, and ’tis so sweet to behold,

that life Light does give, to those in its fold.

Happy, happy days! 🙂

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One thought on “Ponderings in the Park

  1. “Nature is the artwork of God.”

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