Maokong Water Reflections

Vibrant waters sway back and forth,

back and forth,

lulled by the soothing call of the moon.

Brilliant colors dart among the waters.

Music swells-

then silence.

Then, bursting anew with refreshed vigor

do the streams of water shoot from their steadfast molds.

Hues across the spectrum of light meld together.

They sparkle in ever growing force,

captivating the eyes.

One geyser,

then two,

then three

shoot up in the rear formation.

They declare their power with the ferocity of their desire

to unite with their drifting cousins in the lunar mists.

The blue waters spin faster and faster-

their form appears,

inspired by the grace of the swan.

One group of water,

fiercely red mingled with mellowed orange,

darts heavenward.

They separate into miniature saplings of water.

The beauty of God’s creation is beautiful indeed-


It is but a poor glimpse of the insurmountable beauty of-


His blood shed on the cross.

For us.

such ugly, blemished sinners.


What a truth that steals one’s breath away.

The music and dancing waters play on-

At some time,

they will fade into silence.

But the Word of the Lord lasts forever.

Unlike the water of the earthly fountain,

the living water of God provides eternal life-

No, not to those who are righteous and rich,

but the afflicted.

the poor.

the sinners.



us all.

This water does not satisfy just our immediate need to live,

but offers life everlasting-

an eternity with a sovereign God

who loves perfectly.

who judges righteously.

who saves graciously.


We must drink of the water to live-

who can live seeing water while not partaking of it?

I have drunk the living water


I am utterly satisfied in Him.

Thank You, Father!


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