My Heart- A Prayer

O God, my God-

My Father in the highest of the heavens.

Who can look upon you and ever think

No glory to You, but all glory to me?

And yet, Father, I must confess-

My heart is wily, and a hopeless mess.

What foolishness it is to believe

the good I do ever comes from me!

For my heart is deceitful above all things-

Nothing ever comes close, only evil I bring

So Lord, it is in You that I boast-

The Great and Perfect Father, the Lord of hosts.

For every single time that I look upon Thee

I cannot but think of You hanging on that blessed tree.

That all of my sins, in deed and in thought

Are paid by Your ransom – everything – Your Son’s blood bought.

And so, once more, I do confess-

My heart is wily, and a hopeless mess.

But Your message of truth- may it forever ring!

That you work in my heart and cause it to sing!

May it sing! O, may it sing forever more!

What evil deeds I have done, Your love does not keep score.

I am drenched in Christ’s blood and o, what a sight!

My scarlet red self am being washed into dazzling white!

O Lord, You are good and perfect in all Your ways

Please, help me myself deny and You serve all of my days.

The world may tempt me with all but the cross-

but I count death as gain, and all earthly things as loss.

Father God, You are worthy of all praise-

we thank You, and honor You, our voices we raise.

In humble awe and wonder that You-

The Great Lord of Heaven loves as much as You do-

Hallelujah! Thank You!

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One thought on “My Heart- A Prayer

  1. Amen!
    I really like this prayer 🙂

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