a love letter to our God

This is our life story.

It’s not over yet-

But I pray that before it ends

These words, these thoughts, and these memories here

Would encourage you all, whom God holds so dear.

Once upon a time,

I lived in a town called I

In the state of M.E.,

In the land of Myself.

My little brick house stood on a little back corner

On the boulevard of “Personal Will.”

My thoughts and my deeds in confusion swirled


I was lost in a forsaken world.

An enemy of God, a child of wrath-

That was me- yes me- walking right down the wide path

By sin and by hate

A worldly love, placing God second-rate.

For so many years, I thought my life was my own

To live and to love, to have and to hold.

God knocked on my heart’s door.

He asked for entry day after day.



By His marvelous grace, and mercy divine

He showed me my sin, my spiritual crimes-

I saw the light.

And after that day, my life had to change

I packed up my bags

and left-

My little brick house on the little back corner

On the boulevard of broken will.

And then, you may ask, what happened next?

To myself I died, and even more still,

I picked up my cross and followed Christ.

You see, I stood on sinking sand

I lived my own life, and from God’s will? I ran-

But thankfully, this was all part of God’s sovereign plan.

And you, yes you, all played a huge part

And since you are curious, I hope, let’s start.


I left everything behind

And pressed forward to find-

It wasn’t easy.

Not one bit.

But God, being a caring God,

Knew of my plight

And provided fellow soldiers

To help fight the good fight

To run the lifelong race

Without a glance looking back

And to tell all of God’s marvelous grace.

One day passed,

One night,

Then two.

When I became weary, not knowing what to do.

A sister was up ahead on the road

Pressing on, she looked back,

Saw me at the crossroads-

The burden of sin weighing heavily on my pack

She called out to me, saying

To keep walking, be strong!

She cried out to me: Christ paid for it all!

My guilt fell away and I sang all day long.

I thought my sin was too great, you see

Its guilt, its power was taking over me

But that kind sister reminded me that day

That Christ is all-powerful, for all my sins He paid.

A few days later, we came upon a man

His hate for us was great,

His biting words railed the Lamb.

I snatched the bait.

But before words of pride could roll off of my tongue [pause]

A soldier reminded me that Christ lived to love.

My judgments were wrong, my criticisms many

But Christ died for them too, and not just for me.

Just moments later, we had somewhere to be

We were going to be late, no time to walk, you see

When a brother on the side dropped all he had there

To take us to our destination on a wagon and a mare

To see a soldier willing to serve and to love

Reminded me how I ought to live – because there’s no curve

For no one is better or worse than another

For we all deserve hell, but by grace are brother and sister.



As the days grew longer,

Our words showed less restraint

We spoke with little discretion

whether the words of a devil or a saint

And to a soldier they came

Those teasing words poking fun

But he took it like a man

They all laughed as one.

Truthfully, I would not have responded the same

Especially when a challenge was made to my name

But God held no grudges, and neither did he

Which taught me full well from my pride I am free.

With all these lessons in store

I felt I was ready, armed to the core

Not knowing what the future would bring

What a humbling that it would throw at me

On a hot summer’s day, we met a false teacher

Who spoke things contrary to a godly preacher.

A soldier, my brother, swung his sword of the Word

And showed me to fearlessly fight when lies stirred.

We came upon a fork in the dusty, dusty road

One marked “Good future”, the other “Future unknown”

One promising money, the other the Lord-

What was I to do? ( READ WITH FEELING )

Thankfully, I was not alone.

A sister of mine told me a piece of advice

One that stuck with me, with words ever so nice

To put God first and trust in Him

Is a privilege and a precious gift.

As our company grew

From one brother to many

From one sister to many

We trusted in God, this He knew.

He knew.


We kept on in our journey

And our packs became light

We had nothing to eat

When we stopped for the night

A brother passed by,

And his provisions he shared

With all of us- no lie!

And bore the cost that we might richly fare

Others came to keep company that night

To advise and encourage

Their own duties pushed aside until light-

They sacrificed their time.

Time is money, and time runs out.

It also cannot be held at bay.

But they knew that this gift of life

Was one freely given and taken away.

In fact, in all that they did

They were faithful and godly

Decreasing themselves to increase the Lord God Almighty-

In everything, to Him be the glory.

They taught me time and time again in those days

To not pursue my own wants and desires

But to cling tightly to the cross

For love of this world leads only to fire.

Traversing a path not always marked out,

Our assembly kept climbing to the source, the fount

We reached the top of a humble hill

And what we saw there stopped us, made us still.

The beauty of creation, the love of our God

His perfect design for the universe shown.

Sunlight streamed through the valleys and pastures green

Showing His blessings, His works clearly seen.

Looking back on those nights

And remembering these acts

I am humbled and thankful

Of that, it’s a fact-

That God had a plan for you and for me.

That surrendering all, and in serving we

Can press on together, and before the Lord now

Will forever bow on bended knee and face to the ground.

Thank you Class of 2011!

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One thought on “a love letter to our God

  1. i was going to ask — was this written for your class?

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