Psalm 22:8… Why didn’t He save Himself?

“Commit yourself to the Lord; let Him deliver him;

Let Him rescue him, because He delights in Him.”

-Psalm 22:8

Our Father delights in Christ.
So much.
Our Father has every right to condemn us.
There is nothing in our favor.
We are ugly. We are weak. sinful. depraved. hateful. unkind. enemies of God.
To think that God delights so very much in Christ,
and then to dwell on the fact that He loves us to the point that-
because rescuing Christ would mean eternal condemnation for us,
Christ hung.
Not for a moment despising us or abhorring us as we deserve-
but He loved us.
God could have done some amazing work-
could have had a show of power, fire from heaven, angels taking Christ off the cross-
could have shown His might and carried out His righteous anger on these people.
But He did not.
He loved.
Had mercy.
He graciously gave them breath undeserved.
That we do not deserve.
And offers us eternal life with Him.
After all our sneers at Him,
our hate towards Him.
our sins against Him.
our mockery of Him.
God loves us.
He is willing to forgive us.
He wants everyone to come to Him.
He is intensely interested in our lives.
All we have to do is believe.
Believe with our whole being that Christ,
and Christ alone,
is our way to heaven.
He was the perfect sacrifice.
He atoned for our sins.
The ragged nails that tore into His wrist-
His lungs that screamed out for air-
He could have saved Himself.
But He didn’t.
He took on the Father’s wrath-
wrath deserved for us-
and died the perfect death.
For us.
undeserving sinners.
selfish. self-seeking. self-loving.
He died for.
Truly, ’tis grace so amazing, so divine…
It is indeed, the best Friday we will ever know.
And… Sunday comes afterward.
What marvelous joy! What endless rejoicing!
How great is our God!
Christ demands my life.
for me to deny myself and pick up the cross.
It’s a call to die.
To live with God.
My life, I pray, will forever be-
a tribute of love.
To my heavenly Father and King.
who will call me home one day-
to be with Him for eternity.
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